• The Weeknd ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Sidewalks"

    Release date: November 25, 2016

    Kendrick Lamar has an unique way of creating juxtaposition between his lyrics and the production. His ability to turn dark or unpleasant subject matter into buoyant rhythms is something The Weeknd is also familiar with. It seemed like only a matter of time before these two connected.

    At long last, Kendrick appeared on The Weekend’s latest album Starboy alongside Daniel Wilson for the track “Sidewalks.” On this record, The Weeknd details how he overcame a dark past to reach the status he’s at now. Kendrick dives deeper into this topic by describing all of various paths and factors that often lead young men towards the same troubling life. With his quick wordplay, Kendrick paints a picture of how easily people can let their vices take control of their life when the goal is to merely be seen as the man, or a starboy, by others.