• Steve Lacy - "Dark Red"

    At only 18 years old, The Internet's Steve Lacy is already a bright star. Fellow bandmates Syd and Matt Martians have mentioned before that Lacy's input on Ego Death was very important. As he started to release new solo singles of his own, this statement became much clearer as we became familiar with Lacy's personal sound.

    Days before the release of his solo project, Steve Lacy's Demo, he shared "Dark Red." Similar to his previous single "Some," this new release is another charming love song, fitting for his age but relatable to anyone. Lacy has a keen skill for making catchy singles that are short, but sweet—which result in the urge to play them repeatedly. The newcomer's career is just getting started, but it's already quite clear to see that he has a bright future ahead of him.Adrienne Black