• KYLE ft. Cousin Stizz - "Want Me Bad"

    If there's anything I've learned within the last few years, it's that sometimes the most interesting collaborations come out of nowhere. The latest collab to fit that description comes from California rapper KYLE and Boston's freshest prince, Cousin Stizz.

    Their new single "Want Me Bad" perfectly blends both of their sounds for a seamless creation. KYLE is known for delivering fun, feel-good singles, while Stizz has perfected making low-key, addictive tracks. The production by Ayo is the perfect, punchy skeleton for the two respective flows.

    "Want Me Bad" is a standout track for both KYLE and Stizz, and with a hook that catchy, it could lead to bigger things in no time. Here's hoping we hear more from these two.—Adrienne Black