• Brockhampton - "Cannon"

    It doesn't feel like all that long ago that Brockhampton released their fantastic debut mixtape American Trash, but they're already gearing up to release the sequel. "Cannon" offers a delightful tease of what's to come from the Texas group, and it's something of a change of pace from tracks like "Bet I" and "Dirt."

    What stuck around, however, is the constant movement and surprising twists. It wouldn't be a full Brockhampton without a switch-up, and man does "Cannon" deliver on that front. Everyone does a brilliant job with their verses, but Bearface's outro is a personal favorite, capping off the song with a gorgeous refrain and vibrant burst of colorful production. While 2016's debut mixtape felt like Brockhampton capitalizing on their immense talent, "Cannon" seems to imply the best is still yet to come.—Joe Price