• Lewis Grant ft. Lil West - "How Could I Know?"

    St. Louis artist Lewis Grant couldn't have found a better collaborator than Dylan Brady. The two make for killer team, and as they've continued to release art together, they've only gotten better. Indulging in his more experimental tendencies, Dylan dials things back for the stripped-down "How Could I Know?," recalling the brilliance of his 2015 debut All I Ever Wanted.

    Lewis Grant's ever-improving lyricism really pops with those heavily processed vocals, drawing more attention to his vivid surrealism than any of his previous tracks. Eighteen-year-old rapper Lil West provides a highly energetic guest verse, adding a little levity to the proceedings and proving once again why he's one of the most promising rappers on SoundCloud right now. Despite how little sounds are actually happening on the track, all three artists involved make it feel like a stacked affair in the best way possible, providing detailed imagery with very few tools.—Joe Price