• Vince Staples - "BagBak"

    When Vince Staples teased a mystery release called “BagBak” on Instagram earlier this week, fans weren’t sure what to expect. Some speculated the new material would simply be a track, while others predicted the Long Beach rapper was gearing up to drop a full-length project. Late last night, he put the debate to rest by unleashing a room-rattling new single.

    Rapping over sharp, post-industrial drums and a menacing synth bass, Vince delivers politically charged lines with urgency and dexterity. Throughout the track, he touches on racism, violence, and political unrest. He uses the track to convey a message of empowerment: “Ain't no gentrifying us, we finna buy the whole town,”​ he raps defiantly. “BagBak” is Vince in his finest form, performing with the same passionate delivery and unwavering confidence that made Prima Donna such a compelling listen.Charlotte Freitag