• If you like Hudson Mohawke's collaborations with vocalists, listen to BLOOM.

    Electronic music in the second decade of the 21st century has been all over the place. The EDM crazy has thankfully faded, and a group of young independent producers moved to online platforms like SoundCloud, where creative freedom isn't constantly bound by takedown notices. 

    Bloom and Dylan Brady are two such artists, and they combined forces for Bloom's [SIN]SES EP, a collection of wandering, murderous beats that growl underneath the St. Louis singer's dramatic vocals. Bloom is a exciting new talent, and she's more than the music—her self-directed video for "Raindrops" is nothing short of stunning.

    "I believe in telling stories through my visuals and music," Bloom told us. "That is what the experience is all about. I like to think of my music as art pieces. Each EP I release will be a completely different art piece telling a different story. It is my way of showcasing my love for change, differences in the world."