• If you like The Neighbourhood, listen to SNNY.

    Snny has made a big splash with "Young Boy." He's found a seam between rock & roll and R&B, and the breathy result is a head-turner. The New York-based singer is originally from the Ivory Coast, but "Young Boy" is the kind of song that could fit on any playlist. The song has a lasting quality that makes it a comfortable play in nearly any setting, the kind of laid-back groove that you like immediately. We're reminded of The Neighbourhood and last year's excellent Wiped Out! album. It's still rock music in the conventional sense, but there are influences from all over the musical map.

    "When we sat down to start working on the project, 'Young Boy' was the first song I made," Snny told us. "Up until that point I was waiting for inspiration but it took on a life of its own." With his debut release, Learning To Swim, out at the end of the month, that life's could get a lot more exciting very soon.