• Anne Dereaux

    Anne Dereaux only has one song out, but what a song. Channeling multi-sensory groundbreakers like FKA Twigs, Dereaux's "Mo(u)rning" is a lovelorn look at a lost relationship. Her tormented lyrics and emotive delivery fit perfectly over sparse electronic production, and the video serves as a vivid, kaleidoscopic mirror to the song.

    The former architect has already racked up one major co-sign, too. After "Mo(u)rning" dropped, Rick Rubin summoned the artist to his legendary Shangri-La studios. "He had the most radiant spirit," Dereaux told us, "and in all of his legendary greatness, was happy and excited to hear my story and listen to the songs I created over the past year in my closet... For the first time I'm excited to have homework. We also talked about how amazing his door jambs were; nerdy architecture vibes to top it off."