• Mura Masa ft. Desiigner - "All Around The World"

    Since "Panda," Desiigner has kept us on our toes. He followed up that viral single with the objectively disappointing New English mixtape, shot back onto the blogosphere with "Timmy Turner," and has spent 2017 dropping a variety of melodic loosies. Some have been exciting ("Holy Ghost," "Outlet"), others not so much. Linking up with Mura Masa may have been his best move thus far.

    The English producer's songs have been an instant click for me since 2015's Someday Somewhere EP—his production is on the cutting edge of electronic music with every release. "All Around The World" is no exception—Masa's muted vibraphone pairs with sirens and flutes for one of his most compelling beats, and the producer told Complex Desiigner's vocals were worth the wait.

    "I like to think I pulled a very good song out of him," Masa said. "Originally we sent him the beat and he kind of sent it back. I think he thought it was an EDM thing and he sort of had to do ad-libs over it...It was just him (mimics Desiigner ad-libs). I kind of had to dialogue with him, just carefully kind of persuade him in a traditional structure that he doesn’t really do."

    The Life of Desiigner is out soon, and "All Around The World" is the third single off Mura Masa's upcoming release. These two are ready for another huge year.—Graham Corrigan