• Lorde - "Hard Feelings / Loveless"

    I had to draft this slide three times. I landed on a few other songs from Lorde's sophomore album Melodrama, and kept thinking to myself, "There's no way I'll like a song more than this one." Eventually, I decided that "Hard Feelings / Loveless" is my favorite off the album. But what do I know? I had to draft this slide three times.

    I was worried that Lorde would have a hard time following up an album as beautiful as Pure Heroine. I thought this the other day as I gave that album another spin. But rest assured, Lorde fans who've yet to dive into Melodrama: she's done it again. The album is supposed to be a celebration of growing up, and that's a great way to handle growing up, but I get the sense that there were some growing pains that may have taken her a little while to get over before she could fully embrace it.

    "Hard Feelings / Loveless" encompasses that idea well, with the former, a gut-wrenching breakup song as she comes to terms with a crumbling relationship, and the latter an upbeat offering that dares a lover to "rip [her] heart out." The two parts provide an interesting juxtaposition, melodramatic sadness with a cool, calm angst. Lorde paints an oddly familiar picture, and it's because these intense feelings are what growing up is all about.—Joyce