• Jae Stephens

    Emerging L.A.-based artist Jae Stephens only has two songs out, but she's already honed a distinct sound—a mix of classic R&B influences and polished modern production. This is certainly no accident, and Jae has looked across the Atlantic for inspiration, working with Jam City on debut single "24k" and connecting with recent P&P favorite Bruno Major for new song "Every Time."

    "'Every Time' was written during my first trip to London, with Bruno Major whose soulful sound totally complimented the modern take I wanted to put on a classic story set in the L.A heat," Jae explained via email. "This song was inspired by the way the city itself has such a way of making even the simplest things seem enticing and exciting, be it a relationship or anything; this was something that was made clear to me by spending time in a more understated environment far away."

    If she keeps working with the right people and exploring new sounds with British producers, Jae Stephens could build up a truly impressive catalog.