• Knox Fortune

    Knox Fortune has been biding his time. A longtime member of Chicago's famed SAVEMONEY collective, his production credits and guest features have become increasingly star-studded in recent years. After producing Joey Purp and Chance the Rapper's hit "Girls @" and singing on Chance's Coloring Book cut "All Night" last year, Knox started getting serious about a solo career. The incredible "Help Myself" arrived in April, and he's followed it up with the equally impressive "Torture" and "Lil Thing." 

    And while SaveMoney is still in the picture—Joey Purp co-wrote "Lil Thing," and Nico Segal's distinctive trumpet is a regular guest—Knox Fortune is forging his own lane. Layers of distortion and effects lay a thick haze over Knox's bubbly, effusive songwriting. It's not quite rock, not quite R&B, but wholly original.