• Knox Fortune - "Lil Thing"

    It's been nothing short of electrifying to watch Knox Fortune unfurl his solo career. The Chicago singer/producer proved his worth long ago by working with Chance the Rapper, but this essential part of the SAVEMONEY crew has held off on a solo album until this year.

    He's still bringing the squad along for the ride—"Lil Thing" was cowritten by Joey Purp, with Nico Segal and Carter Lang providing co-production. The hook alone would be enough to get Knox on this week's list, but he's displaying a mastery of heartfelt, restrained lyrics that manages to sound nothing like what the rest of Chicago is doing right now. "Lil Thing" is part of his upcoming solo LP, and follows on the heels of the equally excellent, blissed-out "Torture."—Graham Corrigan