• Rhye - "Please"

    It's been four years since Rhye stepped softly into our lives with their debut album Woman. It was a hushed, delicate, gorgeous, wholly romantic album, and this week Rhye returned with new music. They released two new songs, "Please" and "Summer Days," and it sounds as if they've picked up right where they left off with more beautiful mood music.

    "Because we play live so much, we've built this show that's somewhat different from Woman," Rhye's Milosh explains. "It's a little more psychedelic. I wanted to bring that to the second record. I really wanted to incorporate much more soulful and earthy colors. It had to be all live percussion and piano. The human intimacy had to come through the actual instrumentation on this record.  'Please' is the stepping stone to where we're headed."—Alex Gardner