• Sango - "Meio Da Noite"

    There are a small handful of artists I trust to never let me down. When I see they've dropped a new track I'm almost certain I'm going to enjoy it before I've even pressed play. Sango is one of those artists for me. In the midst of a chaotic week, Sango delivered a much needed ease in the form of a mini dance break.

    The title of Sango's latest track "Meio Da Noite" translates to "middle of the night" in Portuguese. Opening with the sound of vehicles speeding off into the distance and crickets chirping in the background, the mood is set well before the beat drops. Sango lets the track build at a subtle pace until it reaches a steady bounce that has just enough power to relieve a decent amount of stress. Once again, Sango proves the language barrier of his samples are insignificant because the language of rhythm and dance is universal.Adrienne Black