• Brockhampton - "Junky"

    The idea of Brockhampton has always been great, but it's only with the arrival of Saturation and Saturation II that everything is falling into place. "Junky" is most compelling all-round introduction to Brockhampton yet, feeling like their important statement of purpose. These guys are finally the all-American boyband they initially promised they were, and it's incredibly exciting to hear.

    As to be expected, each contributor offers up a memorable refrain or quote, each with their own particular way of doing so. Merlyn Wood remains the most energetic, Ameer Vann the smoothest, Matt Champion the most confident, Dom McLennon the most thought-provoking, and Joba the most surprising. No one plays second fiddle, but Kevin Abstract's verse is one of the hardest of the year, earning every right to be called a landmark in rap culture.—Joe Price