• Lil B - "Getting Hot"

    Lil B The BasedGod is the rawest rapper alive, no question. If any other rapper dropped an album that's nearly two hours long, I would slander them and possibly never listen to their music again. When Lil B does it, it's a blessing. I remember being a hyper teen in 2010 first seeing Lil B post about Black Ken and thinking about how amazing it would be. Now, seven years later he finally dropped it on his 28th birthday and it's just as fire as I expected it to be. Lil B may be one of the biggest trolls in the game but trust me he can actually rap.

    "Getting Hot" is my favorite but Lil B delivered on all 27 tracks and made August 17, 2017 a historic date in hip hop history. Shout out to Kanye, Iggy Azalea, Rhode Island, Vince Staples, Diddy, and many more for inspiring this classic body of work.—Eric Isom