When we first met Matt Maxey back in 2013, he was cultivating an online following by translating popular contemporary songs to American Sign Language.

Since then, Matt has continued to break barriers by growing the Deafinitely Dope platform—the group performs, tutors, and hosts workshops across the country for the hearing impaired and those curious about ASL. Musical interest in the subject has been on the rise, too—energetic performances by translators at rap shows, especially, have made for some viral moments.

The hard work paid off. Earlier this year, Matt and his Deafinitely Dope coworker Kelly Kurdi were invited to join Chance the Rapper on tour. They've been on the road for months now, but Chance took things to a new level when he joined Matt and Kelly for an ASL tutorial on his "Blessings (Reprise)" verse. Check out the lesson above, and look out for an uncut version next week.