• indify

    Year founded: 2016
    Headquarters: New York, NY
    What they do: Let the best be heard. 

    A&R accounts for a large portion of any record label's budget. According to the IFPI's annual Investing in Music report, $4.5 billion was spent on A&R and marketing in 2015. Keshav Garg and his team are looking to reduce those costs, both for the benefit of these labels and to improve opportunities for artists worldwide. 

    Using “a collection of extensive data points such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitter,” indify is looking to predict the next big thing. They do so by tracking plays, likes, and audience growth for any artist in their constantly updated library, then sending the highest performers to their clients.

    In the words of CEO Keshav Garg, "indify has a catalog of early-stage, emerging musicians that no other platform has. Our focus on identifying the best emerging talent early and connecting top talent with opportunities to be heard is what makes us unique."

    Following the recent success of SoundCloud phenoms like Post Malone, their algorithmic analysis will likely be part and parcel of artist discovery moving forward.

    Visit indify here