• Instrumental

    Year founded: 2013
    Headquarters: London, England
    What they do: Use TalentAI tech to discover, track, and analyze emerging online influencers.

    Instrumental aims to discover influencers, artists, producers, and creators who can help their clients' businesses grow. Their TalentAI, another patented algorithm-based system, uses social media metrics to predict emerging online influencers and then matches them with the needs of clients' brands all over the world. 

    With an eye towards changing the way sponsorships work for all parties, Instrumental acts as a liaison between clients—music labels, music promoters, and consumer brands—and the artists their TalentAI selects are picked to maximize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and endorsements. Some of their clients include PepsiCo, Coty, BBC, NBC, Live Nation, Style Haul and Bic.  

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