• Tyler, the Creator

    Inspiring a legion of kids just like him to take things into their own hands, Tyler has remained in control of his vision from day one. That extends to his videos, which he helms under the guise of Wolf Haley. Capturing plenty of attention through his gruesome, goofy, and often hilarious videos, Tyler has matured as both a musician and a director since gaining infamy.

    Far removed from the confrontational “Yonkers” video, his work has gotten increasingly vibrant and colorful, reflecting the sounds his music have taken on as of late. His early efforts definitely showed promise, creating something striking but also provocative, but he’s only getting better over time. His “Who Dat Boy” video, however, pays tribute to his early work with some more grotesque elements while remaining true to his progression. It’s the perfect combination of the artist who genuinely provoked listeners and the artist Tyler is now, continuing to challenge himself on all fronts.