• Jai Paul

    Last we heard from them: He appeared on a Fabiana Palladino song that was only available for one day last November.

    In 2016, XL Recordings signee and legendary enigma Jai Paul announced plans for The Paul Institute. In 2017, we finally saw its launch, but for the most part Jai Paul has remained in the shadows. It’s been a long time since we last heard a solo song from Jai Paul, with the gorgeous “Jasmine” coming out in 2012. Even those infamous leaks, which may or may not have been a stunt pulled by Jai Paul himself, surfaced all the way back in 2013.

    The Paul Institute is a project he’s working on with his brother A.K. Paul and their associate Muz Azar—and they just recently found a physical home for it. Its main goal is to “support and nurture new British music talent,” and we’ve already seen some of that come to fruition in the form of a number of limited releases. Now that it appears the institute is in its final stages of setup, hopefully he’s got a bit more time to work on his own music, as well.

    Paul's stunning production and remarkable songwriting skills are sorely missed, even if he is preparing to make something potentially groundbreaking with The Paul Institute.