• Lykke Li

    Last we heard from them: Last year, she released a studio version of her "Unchained Melody" cover.

    2018 marks four years since Lykke Li’s I Never Learn, and this is quite frankly unacceptable. Well, she took time out to give birth to her son, but it’s still been excruciating waiting for her next solo release. Li has since formed supergroup LIV, as well, but it’s just not the same. It’s great seeing her do a little more acting, too, but what we really want is another solo album.

    I Never Learn was a gorgeous slice of Scandinavian pop, and a lot has happened in her life since its release, so we’re confident her next album will be just as great. LIV is a fun distraction for now, but unless we’re getting something substantial from them in the near future, we’re hoping that we get a new Lykke Li solo album this year. It might be a bit of a stretch considering the work involved with LIV, obviously, but hey, let us dream.