There's no point in talking about Lil B without mentioning how prolific he is. There's a ridiculous amount of music from the Bay Area legend—albums, mixtapes, instrumental experiments, and bizarre off-the-cuff collaborations with Skepta and Chance the Rapper are all part of his discography. There's no right or wrong place to start.

With songs ranging in quality from spontaneous freestyles to genre landmarks, he's one of the most unpredictable artists alive, but that's also part of what makes him so fascinating. His bizarre charm, infectious positivity, and fearless experimentation are but a few of the reasons he's one of the most influential rap artists of the past decade.

Putting together a list of his top ten best songs is pretty much impossible, which is why we saw fit to pick favorites from each year instead. We've tracked the best song he's released each year since 2009, and included his early hit as part of The Pack, "Vans." And of course, no list about Lil B would be complete without some classic tweets.