• Places and Spaces I've Been

    Author: Pharrell Williams 

    Through a beautifully curated collection of interviews, art, and photography, Places and Spaces I’ve Been offers a look into the mind of multi-hyphenate Pharrell Williams. Throughout the book, Williams reflects on his experiences with music, fashion, film, and other art mediums.

    Places and Spaces I’ve Been, which follows an unconventional format, is comprised mostly of candid conversations between Williams and his heroes and contemporaries. All of the text is conversational, enhancing the intimate feeling of the book. Williams converses with a wide range of creative thinkers across different fields, sharing the page with everyone from astronaut Buzz Aldrin to composer Hans Zimmer. His conversations with his collaborators like Jay Z, Kanye West, and his N.E.R.D. bandmates Chad Hugo and Shae Haley give readers fascinating insight into his creative process when it comes to making music.

    Places and Spaces I’ve Been is just as vibrant as the man who created it. Williams’ energy radiates off each page of the book through stunning illustrations, whimsical font and design choices, and highly-conceptualized photo spreads. The book captures Williams’ charm, curiosity, and creative vision beautifully, and is a must-read for fans of Skateboard P.

    The People's Cosign: 

    "Beautifully bound Rizzoli book for art lovers and Pharrell Williams fans. A rich, Warhol-like presentation of photographs and illustrations from Pharrell's fertile mind, interviews, and product lines. This highly collectible book is the perfect point-in-time reflection of the musician's artistic reach and marketing genius. With a diverse group of international contributors from Lagerfeld to Buzz Aldrin and from Kanye to Murakami, Places/Spaces is a visual delight for all who love contemporary design." - Susan M

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