• If you like young creatives who mix genres and styles, listen to Jelani Aryeh.

    Jelani Aryeh is a 17-year-old from a small town in San Diego, and he mixes rap, pop, and R&B on his debut EP Suburban Destinesia. Inspired by artists like Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, and Kevin Abstract, Jelani moves between genres with ease, and his songwriting on the guitar-driven pop song “Where We Go” is incredibly strong.

    “I’m African-American, Filipino, and Chinese. I grew up in the suburbs and that plays a big part in my music,” Jelani told us. Looking to find fellow creatives, he formed a music and art collective called Raised By The Internet on a Brockhampton fan forum, and they now number 20 members across the globe.

    Learn more and hear the full EP here.