"That feels so long ago," says A$AP Ferg, after I mention my undying love for his verse on "Kissin' Pink" and my past habit of saying "I be on my Fergenstein" after having two too many drinks. ​

We're sitting on Ferg's hotel balcony in Miami, overlooking a warm but cloudy South Beach. In just a few hours Ferg will be rocking a sold-out show at Red Bull Sound Select's 3 Days in Miami concert series, but much like the weather, right now feels like the calm before the storm. 

Ferg is right, "Kissin' Pink" does feel so long ago. He now has two solo albums under his belt, and he's getting ready to hit the road for his Turnt and Burnt tour with Playboi Carti and Rob $tone. 

On the Drake cosign of A$AP Mob:

"Our cosign that was crazy was Drake. Him putting us on tour. Him inviting us to the Versace party that he did on fashion night out during Fashion Week. Then the next day coming to our show—the first major show we had at Santos in New York. And then from there they were hearing, “Oh Drake is with them, this that and the third.” Drake was like a sensation, still, then. [He] put us on tour with Kendrick and that made the whole situation go up. And before we even went on tour we got the three million dollar deal."

On streaming exclusives:

"I like my shit to get out to the masses as much as possible. I hate when you put out a project and it’s like “nah I ain’t ever heard that.” I feel like a lot of people ain’t heard Kanye’s last album because of the whole TIDAL situation. I understand that he might have been doing that to help Jay in a lot of ways, to like draw some traffic to it. He can afford to do that because he’s a humongous artist. But for me, I’m still growing so I still want the masses to hear my music. I don’t know if I want to make moves like that now. I may put out two projects, one for the public one for the exclusive thing."

On the current state of the music industry:

"I always value an artist that knows how to set a date and live up to the date and drop or whatever, because that’s like dope. It’s a dope package. But I guess that’s the new way of doing things too, like randomly dropping shit because of how kids is just downloading shit now. Before you used to have to promote, promote, promote, because you used to have to almost sell it to them before the product came out. But now you don’t got to do that because it’s like the internet, as soon as you tweet something that shit is in the Matrix.

Everything is getting produced so fast and everything is so fast. Sometimes I just want to be an artist and that’s it. And put it out the way I know how to put it out and people just receive it. But it’s not like that anymore.​"

On social media and celebrity:

"A celebrity to me was like Michael Jackson. You never got a chance to see him so if you finally did see him it was MAGICAL. Now you see people so often now. I think that’s why people appreciate Frank Ocean. Even us to a certain extent because we’re the type of artists that don’t put shit out just to put shit out."