The waist-length hair is gone, the beard has been trimmed, and JMSN's music just keeps getting better. His latest album, Whatever Makes U Happy, was released at the end of April.

It's an eight-song journey into the mind of a studious musician—the tracks don't play as much as unfold, lingering on virtuoso solos or patient, grandiose crescendos. It's been more than ten years after Christian Berishaj​ broke into the music industry as the driving force behind Love Arcade, and the quality of his music hasn't suffered. "I finally feel like I'm in a comfort zone, like I've finally found my lane," JMSN said when he stopped by the the P&P studio.

But the Detroit-born singer did things differently this time around. Whatever Makes U Happy features some incredibly talented musicians, and most of the tracks were recorded in just one or two takes. "The players...were so good that you don't even have to ask them twice," he said. "Get one take, then one for safety." He also shared his creative process when it comes to videos, what it means to "make it," and being confident enough to be himself. Watch the interview above, and check out JMSN's new album here