Here’s your chance to stop sitting at home freestyling over youtube instrumentals (I’ve done it) and get some real production. Great way to get some attention, or to just make some dope music. Any other blogs reading this, spread the word.

From Dekk:

My site is called “Finding Dinosaurs” and the URL is Hip hop is usually the easiest genre to remix and it is my area of expertise at this point, so for now I want to focus my energy towards that audience.

My idea is that aspiring artists should begin to explore creating collaborative networks beyond their specific regions. By submitting acapellas for remix it creates opportunities for myself and the MC’s across the nation (or world) to be heard. We can to take these remixes into our respective communities and create opportunities for each other that may have otherwise not existed. Furthermore, if this idea catches on and starts garnering attention, there is a possibility of receiving attention from professional outlets.

Beyond the promotional aspect, I just want to work with other musicians. Positivity and unity is my intent. I realize that a barrier may be doubt of my abilities. My response to that notion is: no matter how bad a Jay-Z remix is it always remains evident that Jay is dope. Even if you think I suck the fact of the matter is that if you’re a dope MC, people will recognize that…. Fortunately for everyone, I don’t suck!

Artists send your acapellas and the original song (with the original beat) to:

I use the original beat to match the tempo. Send them as MP3’s or AAC. I realize that it may take two emails to get both files accross. I’m cool with my inbox being flooded!

Get at me!


I’m gonna be checking it out
and posting the hot shit, so stay tuned.