This video is from Vancouver a couple days ago. Apparently someone in the crowd threw a wallet at Cudi while he was on stage. Then Cudi jumps off stage and punches someone in the crowd over the barricade. Perez Hilton said that he punched the wrong person. I have no idea, but I suspect there is more behind this story. From what I’ve seen, Cudi doesn’t seem like the type of dude to throw punches over a wallet being thrown at him. Who throws wallets?

Thanks to LizzieHead.

UPDATE: The dude punched was Michael Sharpe. And he’s not pressing charges:

yo! i was the guy he hit…

some dude in the back threw their wallet at him… being in the front, of course im gonna reach for it when he’s like, who wants this wallet… i felt bad cause it wasn’t mine so i tossed it back.. if you watch the video, clearly i didn’t throw it at him… when he came down i thought he was gonna pull me on stage and i was like, “shit, i’m gonna get on stage.” i was just in awe. pretty funny though, good story to tell my grandchildren when im old

From Rap Radar:

The sound is muted, but this is how the story goes: After a wallet is thrown at Cudi during his set last night in Vancouver, he stretches across the barricade and socks the alleged culprit. However, according to fans in attendance, he hit the wrong person. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Word from the fans is that the guilty party was the crazy looking guy four rows back.