Just got this great footage of The Mountain Goats in Paris, France. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but I’m excited to. The Mountain Goats are one of my favorite acts that no one else seems to be that into. Whatever. They’ll learn one day. At first, I didn’t like it either. I thought John Darnielle’s voice was nerdy and annoying. Then I started listening to the lyrics and realized this guy was no nerd, and eventually I came to the conclusion that he was brilliant. Here’s the description of the video. I think it’s translated from French:

John Darnielle is The Mountain Goats single-handedly and this guy is amazing for many reasons: his music is peaceful and cool, a perfect folk; his incredible songwriting always blows us away, putting the fans on trans at each chord played, check the final song..the girl touching the guitar… epic moment ! How to not like a Mountain Goats’live show ? This guy give so much of himself…

1. John 4:16 00:02:40
2. Enoch 14:18 00:02:46
3. Genesis 30:3 00:03:34
4. Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace 00:03:47
5. Rain on Entebbe 00:01:40
6. Sarcafago Live 00:02:27
7. I’ve Got the Sex 00:01:44
8. Quito 00:02:02
9. Love Love Love 00:02:39
10. Dance Music 00:01:57
11. Up The Wolves 00:03:18
12. Cotton 00:02:50
13. In the Craters on the Moon 00:03:20
14. Song for Dennis Brown 00:03:17
15. You or Your Memory 00:01:54
16. Color in Your Cheeks 00:02:37
17. Woke Up New 00:02:38
18. Dilaudid 00:02:00
19. Isaiah 45:23 00:03:25
20. Going to Georgia 00:02:08
21. Thank You Mario But Our Princess is in Another Castle 00:02:51
22. See America Right 00:01:49
23. California Song 00:03:22