In case you haven’t already seen this, here is Steve Jobs unveiling the latest product that everyone was expecting – the iPad. To me, it seems like a big goofy iPhone without the phone aspect. Or a computer without a keyboard. But to be honest, I don’t mind keyboards. Still, I wouldn’t be mad if someone gave me one. And at $500, it is surprisingly affordable. What do you think?

The iPad, how kids in Boston have been pronouncing iPod since 2001.TheStaticJacks

I wish it was a lot smaller, and allowed me to make phone calls.

iPad and iTampon for when iBleed.

If you and your friends buy them at the same time do they automatically sync up?

Lots more iTampon jokes here.

Sidenote: Within a few hours of Jobs announcing the iPad, “iTampon” has become a trending topic and iTampon jokes have dominated Twitter. Possibly a poor choice of word? Or maybe the internet just has the collective maturity level of a 6th grader.