This will be the last Grammy post, I promise. If you missed any of the performances check them out here. If you were watching on TV, then you must probably noticed how ridiculous the censoring was during the Travis Barker, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Drake portion. When they anticipated a swear word being used, CBS muted the volume for a good 5 seconds, causing millions of Americans to hit their television to make sure it was working. (Because every American knows that if something is wrong with your television, you hit it).

The censoring really fucked with my ability to enjoy the performance, so here is the uncensored video. It’s especially confusing to see, because you notice that most of the time the guys censor themselves. It really makes you think that whoever was in charge of the censoring was not a fan of hip-hop. Or maybe they are just a huge fan of playing it safe.

Below is a video of Drake talking to Sway and his downsized head wear about the words Eminem gave him before the performance.