Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun from Rizoh on Vimeo.

Vampire Weekend’s video for “Giving Up the Gun” stars their friend Jenny kicking some ass at tennis. The video also features a brother Jonas, a Wu-Tang mastermind, that dude from Donnie Darko, and the clown-man who sells Crunk Juice.

Vampire Weekend is one of the few bands out right now that could make something like this work. Sure, there will be haters, because having a Jonas Brother in your video is a bold move for a band that started out as an indie darling. But Vampire Weekend seems to do what they like, and they seem to be okay with being who they are, even if their ramblings of private school, vacations, grammar and boat shoes don’t sit well with some people. (Okay, I haven’t heard them sing about boat shoes, but it seems like something they’d have a song about). As long as the music is good, I’ll be a fan. Besides, doesn’t the cool factor of Rza cancel out the negativity of a Jonas? Hm, maybe not.

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