On my latest Travie McCoy post, I said the beat had a reggae feel to it. Buddy Blank in the comment section said ska would have been a better way to describe it. It got me looking around, because honestly I have always had trouble distinguishing ska from reggae. I associate ska with nothing but a faster pace, and I know a lot of other people associate it with that ska-punk music that was popular in the 90’s, so I’m always hesitant to use that term.

So I was looking through the regular sources, Ask.com, where it seems everyone cites exclusively from Wikipedia or urban legend stories they heard in elementary school, or weird music forums where everyone is just looking for an excuse to redirect the topic of conversation to stange, German pornography. But after several hours of watching some things I regret watching, I stumbled across this. It’s a video from a Bob Marley interview where he breaks down the evolution of Reggae, Ska, and Rocksteady in the simplest of ways.