Best news I’ve heard all day? Mike Tyson is getting a reality show. Even better, it’s going to be on Animal Planet and will revolve around Tyson’s hobby of pigeon keeping and racing. From what I’ve seen, Taking On Tyson will give other pigeon racers a chance to challenge the boxer and his beloved birds – and yes, it appears that the violent strongman really has a lot of love for his birds (see picture).

Mike Tyson races pigeons? Fuck yeah he does, and he’s serious about it. According to this article, Mike Tyson has owned up to 1,700 pigeons at a time. In the video above, Iron Mike makes an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and gives Uncle Frank a tour of one of his coups. These pigeons fly up to 60 mph in races that can go as long as 500 miles. As you can imagine, there is heavy petting betting involved. Taking On Tyson should be out later this year. I can’t imagine how this will play out, but I can’t wait to see it.