I swear, despite all the reasons I already had to disregard Dirty Money, I actually fucked with them. I really like “Hurt” featuring Drake, and admit it, that beat to “Love Come Down” is pretty vicious. But Diddy had to go and alienate me. Last night he and his group appeared on American Idol and performed their new song “Hello Good Morning“, and Diddy revisited the dance moves he became famous for in the 90’s.

As ashamed as I was to listen to Dirty Money prior to watching this, I did it. No more. Seeing Diddy pull out his notorious dance moves and then shamelessly promote his new music while standing next to Ryan Seacrest sent a wave of nausea through my body, starting with the pit in my lower stomach which acts as the first physical response to something that I know is wrong. Credit to Yardie. What do you think?