When I first heard Reggie Watts I was under the impression that he was a slightly demented comedian. I saw his song “Fuck Shit Stack” and my honest reaction was – this dude is funny, but he’s also creating some music that sounds kinda nice. After seeing some more material from him, there’s no doubt that Reggie Watts is an odd character, but he’s not a joke. Well, he kind of is. It’s complicated. According to Wikipedia:

Watts’ shows are mostly improvised and consist of stream of consciousness standup in various shifting personas, mixed with loop pedal-based a cappella compositions. He also performs regularly on television and in live theatre.

It may take a while for me to figure this guy out completely, but for now, check these videos out. “I Just Want To” is the jam, and Reggie makes it from scratch using nothing but looping and adding effects to his own voice.

Hit the jump for another video from the same session.