I got an email about this today and it sounded full of potential. It’s called Musicolio. Since I know some artists come by here, I thought I’d share. You never really know when the next big trend is going to emerge, leaving you out of the loop, uncool, and pointless. My new tactic is to lunge towards every decent new idea aggressively like a fish towards a shiny lure.

It is a private community founded by Interscope A&R Executive, Big Billy Clark who identified the need for a collaborative network where musicians can communicate and A&R’s can seek out new acts.

Currently, we are promoting a project with Grammy-nominated Producer, Printz Board, whose credits range from Ice Cube and the Black Eyed Peas to Natasha Bedingfield and Macy Gray to name a few. He is searching for the next Super Producer and Songwriter to join his production team at renowned studio Beets & Produce and is utilizing Musicolio.com as the vehicle in which he selects talent.