One of the quickest music industry pick ups that I’ve heard of recently (besides Greyson Chance), Big K.R.I.T. dropped his self produced mixtape, enjoyed an internet’s worth of praise, and it seemed like he was signed to Island Def Jam within a month or so. It went from nobody knowing who the dude was to his name being at the tip of everyone’s tongue in a single internet year (a week). It’s just another example of the speed of hype. Judging by this performance, K.R.I.T. was ready for the jump. It seems like he’s been ready.

K.R.I.T. is a rapper/producer from Mississippi. He’s full of passion and spits a Southern fried flow that is often to compared to early T.I. Check out Krit’s performance of “Hometown Hero” above and watch the “Children of the World” video after the jump.┬áHead over to MTV if you want to see his performance with Curren$y. Curren$y’s been in the industry since he was a teen, having chances with labels like No Limits and Young Money and not making much impact. For some reason he’s alwaaaays with the newest talent. Do you think he’s ever going to blow up?