I’m posting most of the other BET Awards performances here, but I had to give this one a post to itself. I still don’t know what to think. Chris Brown starts off dancing his ass off as part of a Michael Jackson tribute, having me thinking “I still don’t like this dude, but the motherfucker can dance”. Then he goes into “Man In The Mirror”, and as soon as the song starts, he breaks down in tears. He tries to get a few words out, but eventually gives up and kneels in a display of sloppy cryfest 2010. Honestly, it was more effective at generating some kind of forgiveness for him than any of his defensive bow tie interviews.

I’m not sure if it was planned, or if “Man On The Mirror” just brought out some feelings for him (understandable either way), but it was a surprising, slightly bizarre display. What do you think? Was it planned? Did it change anything? Was it too little too late? Do you care?