I was a little disappointed with the Eels last release End Times, because every time I listened to it, it induced a fit of uncontrollable yawning. If “Spectacular Girl”┬áis any indication of things to come with the Eels’ upcoming release Tomorrow Morning, then I’m slightly excited. The album sounds a little more upbeat, and a little more lively. It’s not that I need that in an album (Elliott Smith is one of my favorite artists ever), but as much as I like the Eels’ sound, I can rarely relate to their overall vision/content.

This song, for example. I haven’t listened to the lyrics too closely, but “Spectacular Girl”? Sounds good. I can relate to that. Love spectacular girls, and the song sounds cool. But then they hit me with this video. Is this song about a really great girl, or about an office worker by day/assassin by night? Because I don’t know much about assassins, and now instead of connecting this song with something positive that I have experienced, I will be attaching it to what seems like a trailer for an Angelina Jolie movie. Oh well, still enjoy this song.