Kid Cudi has been getting some negative press lately, and this isn’t going to help. My take on it is this – run up on the stage while anyone is performing and you deserve to get your face fucked up a little bit. I’ve been very inebriated at shows before and it has never crossed my mind “Hey, maybe the artist wants me to run up there like a crazy stupid asshole.” If that thought bubble ever appears above your head, stick a needle in it.

People are going to talk about this like Kid Cud is the crazy one, the one who can’t control his temper and makes stupid decisions. I’m not saying this was the best way to handle it (it probably should have been handled by security), but the stupidity label belongs to the kid who forced his way on stage and ran up to the performer. Saw it here. And here, check out some new Kid Cudi. Or some new Kid Cudi ft Kanye West Erase Me for the clean version. OrtheĀ Kid Cudi ft Kanye West Erase Me Dirty CDQ version.