Still unsure about Yelawolf, but the Alabama rapper definitely has his own style packaged up and ready to sell. He’s way over the top and comes across more like a cartoon character than a human – a confusing mix of Travis Barker (Travis Barker remixes) and Gucci Mane. A weird punk rock haircut/mullet, a $ symbol ring (think I have one that I got out of a vending machine at the movie theater), tats all over (including that dope catfish on his arm) paying homage to his country roots, complete with zany voices and a “just don’t give a fuck” attitude.

We know you don’t give a fuck dude, look at yourself. You have a giant fish tattooed on your arm and a mullet. I don’t even know what the fuck is on your chest, a rose with eagle wings, an eagle with a broken neck and a rose tastefully placed where the eagle’s head would have been, had its neck not been broken? The point is, a picture of you with middle fingers up and a 40 ounce/energy drink says it all, like a middle school cutter in striped stockings and dark eyeliner, decked out to look like a Tim Burton character. Too much. I could be wrong, maybe dude is just that wild, but it seems a little forced and there is way too much emphasis on the image.

But something about it seems to be very appealing to the kids. It’s hard for me to take him seriously but this freestyle over the “Lemonade” beat definitely stands out among a flurry of others, and when you’ve got the kids hyped, you’re usually onto something. What do you think of Yelawolf?

Edit: Tried something different with this post. You should be able to left click on the link below to get led to a new window where you can easily stream and download. Let me know what you think.

Yelawolf – Lemonade


And if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Yelawolf’s video for “Pop the Trunk”, probably his most popular song to date.