Unless you still live on the street that you grew up on, chances are it’s moving to see images of the street you grew up on. While some places hold a memory or two, a simple image of the street where you grew up can cause an overflow of flashbacks and nostalgia in your head.

Arcade Fire takes advantage of this in their latest video/project for two of their songs off their latest albumĀ The Suburbs. They teamed up with Google Chrome and director Chris Milk for this intense interactive video which integrates a drawing tool, Google maps, and some other technical stuff that I will most likely never understand. The video will only run in Google’s Chrome browser, and it’s recommended that you close other tabs. We’ve already seen a couple simple interactive videos (Cold War Kids, Broken Bells, Classified) but this takes things to another level. Still, it’s only the very beginning.

Note: The video comes up in multiple tabs that move. I thought something was wrong when I first watched it but it is supposed to be like that. Just press play and sit back. You’ll see. This is really crazy, I keep adding in addresses I know and watching again. Google is too smart. Google and dolphins. If Google ever starts breeding dolphins I’m calling it quits.

Watch the video here