After hearing about 50 remixes of this track ranging from straight techno to hip-hop and everything in between, we finally get a video of the pale faced, strange hairstyled pop singer. I still prefer the downtempo Major Lazer or Skream Remix, but this is a well-crafted pop song and La Roux seems to be gaining a lot of momentum.

As synth–pop sensation La Roux’s second single “In For The Kill” heads to radio, the stunning video to accompany the track has premiered worldwide today via MySpace.  Directed by LEGS(Goldfrapp’s “Alive”), the video was shot at the historic and legendary Hotel Chelsea in NYC made famous by the eclectic and artistic musicians who have made it their home in the past, these include Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Dylan Thomas and Sid Vicious, amongst others.  The video is a dark and lusciously rich view into the hotel’s seedy underbelly through the eyes of La Roux’s Elly Jackson who finds herself acting the part of night porter. You can also catch an exclusive interview with Elly and behind the scenes footage from the “In For The Kill” video set on Thursday at 5pm ET/PT on MTV’s new daily show, “The Seven”.

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