I’ve gone years without listening to Blind Melon and I recently revisited some of my favorite songs by them. This is one of them – “Life Ain’t So Shitty” off of Nico, which was released a year after lead singer Shannon Hoon’s death and was the last Blind Melon album to feature him. A year before he died, Shannon had a daughter named Nico and was trying to stay clean but ended up overdosing at 28. I don’t think many people consider Blind Melon’s material classic, but they were a big part of the 90’s and there won’t ever be a voice that replaces Shannon Hoons’. Check out their stuff on iTunes.

DOWNLOAD: Blind Melon – Life Ain’t So Shitty | Mediafire

Hit the jump to see Blind Melon performing “Change” and a video of Shannon’s daughter performing the song as well…

It’s sad to see his daughter singing this. “Change” was the first song Shannon wrote, and his grave stone displays a quote from the song:

“I know we can’t all stay here forever so I want to write my words on the face of today
and they’ll paint it.”