TJ Chapman shared this on his blog and it was really interesting to me. If you don’t know about TJ, check him out. He has a great understanding of the modern music industry.

What Owen is saying in this video resonates strongly with me. I’ve been thinking about this for years – how did the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s have all these fucking legendary musicians? I mean, The Beatles, Hendrix, Dylan, Marley, Led Zep, The Stones…you could go on forever. Legends. Now think about music that has come along since 2000. Forget about 2050, what songs are still being played after 6 months? It’s just not the same.

I can’t say that I think it’s all the labels’ faults – the industry has changed, but I think all mainstream media and consumer behavior have changed too and the record labels have reacted to that. Everything is moving at a faster pace. Shit, viral videos come out, hit 50 million views in a week, and then quickly disappear into oblivion. As consumers we are bombarded with sales pitches, marketing messages, and constant stimulation. It has created a society filled with multi-tasking, ADD-having customers who react to instant gratification. The effects of this are not exclusive to the music industry, but music industry deals with art. Nobody wants to see art turn into strictly business. Nobody wants to see artists pressured to make a quick hit instead of being able to develop into something great over time, but we see it happening a lot.

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