In a new series called Supervideo, MTV and pop culture magazine MEAN are looking to combine music, film making, celebs, and TV to create an opportunity for film makers to put together some unique visuals in various formats set to new music. The first installment is set to LCD Soundsystem’s “Pow Pow”.

This is the story of a mysterious woman (Anna Kendrick) and her entourage of lawyers and bodyguards as they travel through the underworld of Los Angeles to capture the souls of notorious villains. However, her true powers are not as they appear.

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The creators of the seminal cinema and pop culture magazine MEAN (Music. Entertainment. Art. News.) bring you the launch of a brand new, ground breaking series of music videos featuring A-list talent, entitled “Supervideo.” MTV announced that it will be presenting this exciting project, which utilizes top celebrities of film, television and pop-culture and captures the spirit and excitement of the must-see music video that has been synonymous with MTV. Each “Supervideo” will tap buzzworthy music, filmmakers and talent in a high voltage expression of art and music.

“Supervideo” will give unique filmmakers the opportunity and artistic license to create a multitude of music video formats: short form narrative, montage, animation, abstract, and others, to the rhythm and beat of today’s most exciting music.

Starting off with a bang is “Supervideo: LCD f/Kendrick,” combining the diverse talents of Training Day creator David Ayer, Academy Award nominated actress Anna Kendrick, and the music of the Grammy-nominated critical and fan favorites LCD Soundsystem. The song, “Pow Pow,” from LCD’s current album This Is Happening was used as inspiration for the narrative of the ethereally enveloped atmosphere with Anna Kendrick portraying a deity, “collecting the souls of wicked men.”

David Gale, who ran MTV’s feature film division for over a decade and is now Executive VP of MTV New Media, said “this series taps into all the passions that MTV has celebrated over the years: movies, celebrities, cool filmmakers and, of course, music. We are particularly excited that MEAN has brought these elements together to create a signature new project launching with one of our favorite writer-directors, David Ayer, and two of this generation’s signature artists (Kendrick and LCD Soundsystem).”

MEAN creator, Kashy Khaledi, adds “This is a tremendous opportunity for creative minds, from all walks, to converge on a heralded art form – the music video. The lines in media have been blurred, and ultimately, the notion of compartmentalizing genres of music and film is a thing of the past. With Supervideo, you’ll see an invariably diverse collaboration of creatives that aim to offer something truly SUPER to the masses.”